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Themes & Formats

A look into past workshops

If you would like us to host one of these for you, please let us know! It is also possible to develop a new theme or format specifically for you or modify one of these according to your requirements.

Themes & Formats: Admissions

Growth & Identity

Reimagining your CV as a zine

This workshop can focus on either just growth or just identity or a combination of the two. In the session, we will explore growth and its linearity or lack of by deconstructing our CVs. We will also use doodling and individual brainstorming to help reassess how we see ourselves and our growth. As a final product we make zines to capture our new ideas. 

Versions of this workshop have been done at the UIF Twente-4 Hours Global Conference, XL4W Up! Surge Women's Leadership Conference, and for Ambitious Women UT.

Packing Up & New Beginnings

Fresh starts and emotional sorting

What are new beginnings? How can you have one? Do you want one? In this exploratory session we have some initial time for discussion followed by individual brainstorming where you will be provided with new prompts or questions every 15 to 20 seconds so you can keep exploring the subject with and for yourself in new ways! To help make these ideas more tangible we will also be using some origami 'packing boxes' and optionally can record our final thoughts in zines.

Love Languages

A Guide To Loving Me

A workshop that's good for Valentines/Palentines/Galentines but also could work any time of year. Together and individually we try to understand what love means to us and what it takes for us to love and feel loved. Using a combination of individual brainstorming, group discussion, and other visual warm-up exercises we delve into this further and end by making a mini guide to loving you that you can give to friends & lovers of all sorts alike!


Thank you letters to our support systems

2020 was a difficult year for pretty much all of us so this workshop was designed to create a space where we could come together and write thank you letters to all the people, places, institutions, foods, and everything else that kept us going. Multiple prompts were provided to allow for a varied and comprehensive set of letters that allowed for a lot of freedom to interpret gratitude and what one could possibly my grateful for.

Taking Up Space

A reminder that you're bigger than the zoom box

In this session we talk about taking up space and think about the space we take up physically and in the online world by doing various movement exercises (read: individual and group dance parties!). With the help of some visual cues, participants are encouraged to make and recognise shapes that their bodies make. Finally, using these ideas we make zines/drawings/clay figures based on what this moving made us think about and feel. These can serve as a reminder to ourselves that we are more than just what other people see of us on a screen.

How to Make People Want to Make

Workshop design insights

This workshop focuses on workshop design and gives you an opportunity to try and develop tools and exercises to help people reflect and 'want to make' with their hands. Through CHA4OS, I have experimented with various tools for inspiration – from movement exercises to research-based talks. In this session, I tell you a bit about what, in my experience, works and what doesn’t, introduce you to some theories on session design, and help you get started on your own workshop ideas. You will also get a chance to try out your new ideas on the other participants. An open session of testing, experimenting, and making.

This workshop was held as a part of ZineCamp 2021 at WORM, Rotterdam.

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