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Creative & Reflective Workshops for your Team!

Our mission at cha4os theory is to create spaces for people to engage, communicate, and reflect together openly while making with their hands. If you're looking for a fun and creative activity to engage your team while also bringing them together, you've come to the right place!

All our sessions are centred around creative making but no specific skills or equipment are required and anyone can do them! These workshops have been developed and are facilitated so as to give you and your team space to explore and connect while thinking about fundamental questions and themes in new ways. Feel free to read our testimonials to find out more about the workshop experience. Below you can learn about our four existing workshops for teams and organisations. They can be done individually or in a series based on what you prefer. Contact us for a quote or if you have any questions. Workshops can and will be customised to fit your specific team, organisation, and interests. 

Image from @ambitiouswomenUT, taken at their CHA4OS Session on Identity.

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Reimagining your CV

Who am I?

This workshop takes an individual focus and guides participants through a series of activities like individual brainstorming to help them reassess who they are at this moment in time, how they got here, and what is really important to them. The final product here is a zine (mini booklet) that each participant will make about themselves. This workshop is valuable as it grounds people and helps them think about themselves in new ways. The discussion section encourages vulnerability and brings a team closer together by helping them gain a better understanding of each other.


Visualising your Purpose

Where do I want to go?

Though similar to the 'Reimagining your CV' workshop, this format focuses on the future while taking inspiration from the past. It helps participants map out what their ambitions are while also reminding them that the way there is their own and they don't have to follow somebody else's course. Professional growth is sometimes assumed to be linear and require a certain personality but this workshop encourages participants to develop their own course based on who they are and what they want to contribute to the world. This is valuable in a team setting as it makes people reflect on and better understand their own leadership and team interaction style while also learning the same about their fellow members. The final product is individual zines (mini booklets).

Finding Our Collective Identity

Who are we?

Often teams that are working on a specific project don't realise how each of them may have a different perception of what the main motivation or goal is. Having many versions isn't always a bad thing! This workshop helps teams come together to better understand their collective identity, message, and mission. Each member will work on a page or a part of a collective project that can then be kept and referred to or updated as time passes. They will be guided through with questions, prompts, and visualisation exercises to help them better articulate and understand how they see the organisation or team goal. The final product is one zine (minibooklet), or poster.

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Taking Up Space

Who am I with respect to everyone else?

This is a slightly different style of workshop that uses movement-based exercises to start a conversation about the space we take up physically and in this increasingly more online world. It proposes a new way of exploring and engaging with group dynamics and self-image especially since recently all we have been seeing of other people and ourselves is a very limited 2D image of less than half our actual bodies. With these exercises, participants are reminded that they are indeed more than what they see on the screen and it also allows them to open up and feel more comfortable engaging in an online space. The team dynamic aspect is also useful as it has the potential to shed light on imbalances in team interaction and how that can be better managed. The end product here can be a zine (mini booklet),  a personal trading card, or a collage.

Courses can be booked individually or as a series. All four go well together but for a shorter series, you could also pick from 1&2 or 3&4. For bookings, questions, or custom requests feel free to reach out.

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